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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cinderella Man

A story of the great depression with barely any politics.

I went to see this movie expecting a heavily political, might I even say partisan, story of the Great Depression. What I got was a story of a family going through the worst and yet still managing to come out all in one piece. The performances of Zellweger and Crowe were outstanding. Even when she says "You are the champion of my heart!" one cannot help but accepting that she can get by with the corniest line I have heard in a while.

And we all know nobody can resist Crowe swallowing his anger and pride and his smile when he is about to kick the s@#$t out of somebody and this is so cool in the movie when he is about to beat Max Bear and become the world champion in boxing.

Highly but hiiiighly recomend seing it ASAP and do not wait to rent it, the boxing scenes beg surround system and a huge screen for full enjoyable effect!


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