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Monday, May 09, 2005

Movie Reviews

Kingdom of Heaven

When you don't expect much, life is much easier. That is exactly the way I feel about this movie. Kingdom was not to be better than Gladiator. Orlando Bloom though cuter is no match for Russell Crowe's acting.
But since I did not expect much going into this movie here is what I liked: The shot of the masked Christian King (interestingly enough he is played by Edward Norton)meeting Salahadin in the midst of two armies ready to kill each other--the achievement of this scene is showing how the fate of thousands of individuals back then depended solely on the actions of two all powerful men; I also liked how R. Scott managed to portray such a difficult subject in these times of Christians versus Muslims. His greatest feat in this movie is not taking sides in a war where no one was ever arguably right. And I have to admit I particularly have this thing for Salahadin since my Intro. to Mid-East class in college...Don't worry hahaha not the man but Salahadin the noble and wise king.

Enron: Smartest Guys In the Room

Este documental del cual esperaba recibir mensajes subliminales y explicitos de lo malvadas que tienen que ser por naturaleza las corporaciones me dejo impresionada. No solo es entretenido sino que al serlo no deja de ser bien documentado y casi libre de distorsion (no es como ver uno de Michael Moore donde el nos hace ver las cosas a su manera). Aqui se ven entrevistas y al mismo tiempo en donde estaba el stock de Enron en el mismo dia en que Jeff Skilling le decia a sus trabajadores que siempre confien en Enron. Lo mejor de todo es que ironicamente uno sale del cine preguntandose como y por que paso y todavia puede pasar algo asi? Digo ironicamente porque el slogan de Enron era "Ask why?"


From the director of Trainspotting comes a playful movie with nothing but playfulness in it. This is not to say that the movie was shallow or simple, in fact, it is amazing just for this: it successfully engages viewers in the moral dilemma of the kid who finds a bag with millions of pounds. Throughout the movie one does not know if what is seen is reality or the kid's imagination. Even in the end, we are left wondering whether or not that happened in actual life or was just another one of this kid's overworked imaginative stories. The cinematography and the creative shots deserve praise. Further, the music and downright perfect casting should remind other filmmakers of good moviemaking: simple plot, few well-developed characters, and good visuals. This movie was a real pleasure to watch.

Million Dollar Baby

Great movie! Most people might get distracted from the core of the movie by the political issue of assisted suicide. The essence of the movie is the triumph over gigantic obstacles and the courage to believe in one's dream "even when nobody else sees it" (as Morgan Freeman states on the voice-over). The boxing images are a little harsh, but those that fared well watching the crude scenes from "Raging Bull" by Scorcese should be fine with "Million Dollar Baby"'s shots. Clint Eastwood should be credited for pulling off this complicated work especially trying to make the audiences relate and root for a women boxer.

Mar Adentro

La película y la emoción que esta causa se las puedo resumir en dos detalles claves: (1) una emocionante escena que te hace volar por encima de montañas y un mar azul al ritmo triumfante de Nessun Dorma, canción estrella de la ópera Tourandot; (2)el debate entre el Padre Francisco y Ramón que culmina de la mejor manera posible:
Padre Francisco: La libertad sin vida no es libertad (a lo que Ramón no tarda en contestar)
Ramón: Y una vida sin libertad no es vida!
Es en esta escena particularmente que el film de Amenábar alcanza su climax. Y el final de la película nos demuestra que la ley no puede contra la virtud de la libertad.


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