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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Why ride any other way?"

I have always found it extremely strange that the Metrobus in DC dares to even place this phrase right at their front-right window. It stares at you in the face every time you have probably been waiting far too long for that bus that was supposed to come more than 20 minutes ago.

But today i felt compelled to blog about this because I have the most reasons today to actually "ride ANY other way":

1. To avoid going at the speed of 5 blocks per hour
2. To avoid crabby bus driver who keeps trying to kick you off the bus despite the fact that you have probably already thought about that yourself but realize that you have no other option (home is not walking distance for you)
3. So that you get home in time for dinner and So You Think You Can Dance or Betty La Fea and not have to forego those activities just to be stuck on lovely DC-traffic
4. So that you don't get a rainfall when you get on and off the bus (Let's face it, why use the umbrella before and after boarding if the crabby bus driver will yell at you to close your umbrella about ten seconds before you are inside the bus--just enough to get drenched in that waterfall coming from the bus's roof)


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