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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Rumsfeld and Soccer

What a great day for Ecuador! Well, sort of...Yesterday as the Ecuadorian soccer team braced itself to be battered by the Brazilians in Quito(including the ugly Ronaldinho), Rumsfeld met with Lucio (our president) and it just sounded like more of the same: You know..."The War in Colombia is an important front for the 'war on terrorism'." Now, let's back track a minute, since when are profit-seeking narcs terrorists? The FARC is technically not a Narc organization but their funding does come primarily from the Narcs. So why make the drug business more attractive? And even more important to us, why drag little puny Ecuador into the whole mess? We don't even grow the coca and we must be consuming far, far less than the European and American markets.

But, hey...Even though Rumsfeld cut a deal with Lucio for more efforts on the Colombian frontier, at least we beat the Brazilians in Quito. We might get to the World Cup again!


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